This handsome Italian is a model, actor and fashion influencer. Now he has become the star of Dolce & Gabbana’s new men’s perfume K.


Tell us a little bit about your relationship with Dolce&Gabbana and how you worked with the brand in the past?

Dolce&Gabbana perfectly embodies the concept of Italianness for me; Italian values like family, friendship, and that unique baroque elegance. Initially, when my blog was one of the first professional ones talking about men’s fashion, I asked the designers if I could attend their show to talk about the collection on the blog. Ever since then, which was six or seven years ago, I’ve always had the pleasure of attending their amazing events. We have lots in common: values, aesthetic, and a smart and fresh approach to innovation. The designers noticed that, and they asked me to walk the runway with my wife, a moment that I will never forget.


How does it feel to be the face of K by Dolce&Gabbana?

Let me tell you a secret: it was my teenage dream! When I was a teenager just looking for his space in the world, I lived between New York and London, working as a model, and 1 was represented by a big London agency. I spent a lot of time with other models like me, talking about our dreams and goals. We all agreed on what was the best a male model could ever wish for: to be the face of a Dolce&Gabbana fragrance. No lies. None other. Honestly, I’m really enjoying my position now. I won, and it’s a dream come true for a self-made man like me.


How would you describe the fragrance and what kind of man do you think would wear it?

The fragrance is very masculine and sexy. I personally love the woody notes. A man wearing K by Dolce&Gabbana is confident, focused, elegant and smart.


Can you tell us a little bit about the campaign?

The campaign is about a real king of our time – a man taking care of his family and friends, a self-made man who built his own success. A man who owns his crown.


What was it like shooting the campaign with Mariano Vivanco?

Mariano is not just a great photographer, he’s a great man. He was very focused without being too serious, and the atmosphere was very relaxed on set. I felt very comfortable acting and modelling for him for a week. We’re good friends now.


As a husband and father of two, how do you juggle family life with all your work commitments?

The most important part of my job is authenticity because genuine communication is the only way to be successful in the digital world, in the long term. For this reason, I involve my family in my business and I always ask them to travel with me. They’re very important to me because they truly complete me, and 1 realized that even if this is not the simplest way to approach my job, it’s worth it because my kids will grow up with an attentive father.


How do you think the concept of masculinity is changing?

The concept of the old-school gentleman is finally making a big comeback! Taking care of your skin or hair is not seen as girly anymore, fortunately. Masculine beauty is various and it doesn’t necessarily need to have that scruffy, indie-cred appeal. That’s a great change – everyone should be free to be who they are, and 1 personally love this concept of well-groomed masculinity.


As a model, actor, businessman and influencer, which would you say is your primary passion?

My primary passion is acting. I love acting and I studied hard to be an actor. I left my home at the age of eighteen to pursue this dream. I went to New York and worked as a model to pay for acting school. My goal in the future is definitely to cultivate this passion and take part in a big screen movie.


How did you build up such a big social media following?

When I started, I was in New York and there were a lot of guys taking photos of each other and some were even posting images online, but no one was trying to turn it into a style or trying to give some advice. I tried and I succeeded. I shared my own taste. It seemed that guys in New York, and then in the world, were just waiting for a space on the Internet that talked about men’s fashion.


How do you decide how much of your family life to share on social media?

I share authentic moments, but I always choose not to share everything. For example, at the dinner table, phones are forbidden. I don’t want to communicate that digital life is better than real life. I don’t want me or my kids or my followers to lose track of reality. Connection to reality is very important and it allows you to tell real stories, while the risk on social media is to tell fake stories based on what people want. In the long term, I don’t think that kind of showy fake world works.


When did your career really take off?

When I came back to Perugia, my home, I was a fully-fledged influencer, but obviously, my parents did not understand my job. You could say that I invented this job along with a bunch of other influencers around the world, so it’s not surprising they didn’t understand it. They started to understand it the day I received the first prototype of a new electric car at my father’s backyard, to drive it, test it and promote it. They were like ‘Oh, so this is a real job, I guess’. That was ten years ago. Last year, I was on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the Retail and Ecommerce category in Italy. Then the same year, I was given a GQ Man Of The Year Award for Best Fashion Influencer. There have been lots of great steps (and hopefully more to come!).


Talk us through your grooming routine…

I never forget hydrating cream – I use it every morning and before going to sleep. It’s fundamental for face, neck and hands, in particular. The neck is just as important as the face, so you shouldn’t forget to use it there to stay looking young. I also use beard oil to soften my beard.


What is your workout routine?

My rule for keeping in shape is one hour at the gym daily. Scrupulously, methodically, day after day. If you miss a session, you have to make up for it. Physique is unforgiving. You can see right away if it’s been neglected. That’s why I have my gym at home. I work out, no matter how late it is.


What’s your diet like?

I eat three or four meals a day. They always include vegetables, fruit, fiber, white meat or fish. There’s even a place for pasta or rice, but I never overdo it. Every so often, I have a nice big steak or a burger made with quality meat. No fancy meats and I’m very sparing with cheese. But once a week, I do more or less as I please. I also drink lots of water, at meals and during the day. No fizzy drinks, no coffee. Wine? A little and only sometimes.


You’ve lived in lots of places, so what do you like most about Italy?

Italy is my home. I love the big Italian families, the Sunday dinners full of people and joy, the countryside with small streets studded with vineyards. History, nature, sun… Italy has everything you need to live happily.