If you are looging for some new, exciting destinations for your honeymoon, check out our list…

Trinidad and Tobago

The Islands’ unique mixof wild nature and distinct culture make them a refreshing alternative to the typical Caribbean beach vacation. You can mix cultural experiences like dancing to soca music and tasting some local food with jungleadventuresand beach lazing. Definitely vvorth trying.



Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has been called the next “It Destination” by manyfora while now. Tourists have been mainly favoring coasts. Sun and surf vacations wi 11 remain a big draw, especially with new beach retreats, like the recently opened beach resort on the south coast near Gaile. But in 2017, you wi 11 see Sri Lanka emerge as the next hot vvellness escape, ranking uptherevvith India, California, and Thailand, thanks to forvvard-thinking retreats like Santani. Thecountry’s vvildlife and interiors wiII also becomea draw for tourists with new hotels opening next fall.




Cities like Bogota and Cartagena have been tourist attractions for the last few years, but the recent signing of the peace accord ending the country’s 52-year war with the FARC guerillas wi11 attract tourists to cities like Medellin and Cali.



Langkawi, Malaysia

Thailand and Vietnam have stolen the spotlight in Southeast Asia foryears, eventhough Malaysia’s emsine, art, arehiteeture, and beaches are justas fantastic. Langkawi, an arehipelago made up of 99 islands on Malaysia’s west coast, is about to put the country on the travel map. The St. Regis group opened the country’s first all-suite resort here, with the largest svvimmable lagoon on the island. Next summer, The Ritz Carlton is seheduled to öpen a 90-room, 30-villa property with a destination spa thatvvill rival even Thailand’s famous vvellness retreats.



Aarhus, Danimarka

Denmark’s second largest city aims at being the new Nordic star. Crovvned the European Capital of Culture and Region of Gastronomy in 2017 (the first time thatonecity has held both titles), Aarhus will have the stage to show off its restaurants, museums, galleries and some of Denmark’s best beaches. Mols Bjerge isoneof Denmark’s four national parks and it isjusta short drive away.




Georgia caught the eye of travellers in recent years for its surprisingly great wine scene But wine is not the only reason to visit. The Capital, Tbilisi, has ayoung and Creative crowd, that can be compared to that of Brooklyn in New York city. You can explore the city’s exciting art, music, and food scenes and be pleasantly surprised. You can get to know Tbilisi’s artists at Fabrika, a Soviet-era sevving factory turned into a cultural space. Georgian food has begun to attract attention from gourmets around the world, too. You can also discover some of the hip restaurants and cafes in Tbilisi. There are quite a few ones that have opened recently. Georgia aims to become a new winter playground for skiers and snovvboarders with the untouched terrain in the Caucasus Mountains.




Madagascar has been a great travel destination for many people from different continents.
But the lack of upscale hotelsto stay in, may have had a negative effect on a certain clientele. About 75 percent of the species found in Madagascar are endemicand live nowhere else on the planet, making the island Africa’s version of the Galapagos. Next year’s opening of Miavana on the island of Nosy Ankao finally gives the country its first plush base for exploring the wild life and wilds. The conservation- minded property will reinvent the traditional safari experience, offering “lemur treks” on land and “blue safaris” in thesurrounding marine preserve. More adventurous types can island-hop the Nosy Be Archipelago on a sevennight sailing cruise.
Stops include epic dive sites; traditional villages; lemur colonies; and dreamy, empty beaches.