• The First Turkish Supermodel “Öykü Baştaş”

    • We are talking about a supermodel here... She has an unusual charm. Even though the Turks are still debating if she is pretty or not, she has walked the walk for many international fashion brands already!

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    • World Of Sparkle

    • Iana Pizhurina, first stepped in the world of business with her beauty center called lana Beauty Lounge. She is now aiming at making a mark in the world of design, with her new brand, Raiana Jewellery. She hand picks every stone she uses in her collection. All reflect her soul.

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    • A Pleasant Surprise Belgrade

    • If you have not been to Belgrade, this city will surprise you. It has been described as “Berlin of the Balkans”, or “Urban capital of cool”. And as “the most perspective city in Europe”, Belgrade is a hip dynamic city which embraces visitors from all around the world.

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    • 10 Best Retreats

    • Here are 10 of the many new retreat hotels, that are now becoming more and more popular. People find it relaxing and calming, a real way to rest and get renewed, when staying in one of these out of the way retreats.

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