Iana Pizhurina, first stepped in the world of business with her beauty center called lana Beauty Lounge. She is now aiming at making a mark in the world of design, with her new brand, Raiana Jewellery. She hand picks every stone she uses in her collection. All reflect her soul.

When and how did you start designing jewellery?

I always was interested in jewellery. Jewellery, enhances a woman’s beauty. I started out designingjewellerywith this thought in mind. I always was a difficult customer when it came to purchasing jewellery. I expect both the design and the quality of the stones to be superb. Since I was not frequently satisfied with myfindings, I decided to start designing jewellery for myself. Actually, this was exactly why I had opened a beauty center!

What kind of materials do you use in your designs?

The jewelry I design are of the segment called “Masterpie- ce Fine Jewellery”. We use diamonds, gamet, aquamarine, saphire, ruby and emerald in our designs. Of course we do decide on what material we will be using according to the requests of our customers. We set all stones on 18 carat gold.

What are inspired by for your designs?

Actually I design the jewellery as if I am creating them for myself, as if I will be wearing them. Thus, they all become unique and special to me. And what am I feeling or thinking when I am creating these special pieces? I am influenced more by my emotions, like love, feminity and strength… I can’t say that I am influenced by anything other than my own inner thoughts and feelings.

What is the most important thing for you when you are creating your designs?

The most important thing for me, is that my design incorporates feminine qualities. Her jewellery represents the woman and it is her most important clothe that she wears.

Do you design jewellery on special order?

Yes I do. For my clients who do want special order jewel- lery, I am involved in every step of production from design to choosing the stones to be used. I enjoy this journey of creation and am very meticulous while doing it. We do have many clients who want to own jewellery especially created- for them.

Jewellery and accessory design is quite popular these days. Can you teli us what makes your jewellery different?

Of course I look at jewellery created by other brands and I must say I don’t find them as elegant as the pieces I design. My jewellery reflect my soul. They are classic, romantic and modern at the same time.

How do you imagine the women wearing your creations?

Ali jewellery designed and created by Raiana Jewellery are meant for women of A+ socio-economic group. The precio- us metals and stones we use in our jewellery are the finest that can be found. Even for the smaller pieces created to be worn daily, we use high quality material and we target the same women.

What will you be doing to stregthen your brand name?

We are stili a very young brand. Raiana Jewellery is a young and dynamic brand. We have entered the market in a swift and strong way. We are planning to open shops in Turkey and abroad. We already have a workshop and showroom in the Grand Bazaar in İstanbul. We will be opening showrooms in Moscow and Dubai by the end of 2018.

What do you think of the jewellery sector in Turkey?

The sector is growing but the pieces created are still not unique and different. That is why we are working on creating special designs.

Which one of your designs is the most special one to you?

Every piece created by my brand is special to me. But the blue flower set of necklace and earrings with aquamarine, garnet and diamonds from our capsule collection has a very special place in my heart.