Moda tasarımcısı olmanızın hikayesini dinleyebilir miyiz?

Can you tell us how you became a fashion designer?

I have always been interested in fashion. It must be something I get from my mother. I started my career at Exsa Textile Company. We used to market the collections we prepared with Bossa fabrics. Then I established my own company where I distribute a selection of international brands in Turkey. My designer side came out during our discussions with the Pinko officials about the collections. My ideas would matter to them and they would use them in their designs. In the end they proposed a partnership and asked me to prepare a capsule collection for Pinko. When the collection was well-received in many countries, we decided to go on with it. This season was our third collection. I also received a similar proposal from Koton and went with it.

How would you describe your winter collection for Pinko?

The Pinko by Arzu Sabancı Coat Collection derived from the Street fashion. You can see the eagle motifs that symbolise power stitched on the coats. My family’s love of football must have an ef- fect on my using these symbols. Pastel colored hats and stoles are combined with duffel coats that remind us of militaryjackets and faux fur coats.

What is the story behind you designing for Koton?

Koton, is a Turkish brand that follows the world fashion trends and puts out strong collections every season. When the founder partner Gülden Yılmaz, who is also the head of the Creative team, brought me an offer for the first time last year, I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the idea that I would be designing for such a successful Turkish brand and that the products would be sold at affordable prices. We had a very meticulous preparation period.

I can say that every single piece in the collection reflects me. We were very satisfied with the result. This season we have put out our second collection.

What influenced you most for this collection?

In almost every piece of the Koton Winter 2018 Collection, mascu- line lines are visible. I totally mirrored my own sense of style when I was designing each piece. In the end, a collection with rich alter- natives was born. I actually am influenced by my own style when designing. The favorite pieces in my own wardrobe that I combine with each other was my inspiration when I was preparing this collection.

What are the key pieces of the winter season, according to you?

Oversize cardigans, sequin and chain details on sweaters are among the key looks of our collection. They have found there way into my wardrobe, too.

Can you give us some more details about the collection?

In the Arzu Sabancı for Koton Winter Collection, masculine details come together with feminine silhouettes. Masculine pant suits in the collection have feminine details that catch the eye. The fabrics and colors for these pants and blazers offer a different take for the season. The bomber jacket engraved with the letter A, is one of the key pieces of the collection and brings a fresh look to the season.

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is a marathon that is renewed every six months. If this is your work, like it is for me, then you study fashion a year before it finds it way into the shops. I usually use the tips I get from working in the fashion business to combine modern pieces with my classic style.

What is luxury to you?

Less is more according to me. If you are comfortable in the dress you are wearing and you are confident, people will feel this. And plus if you are clean and well-groomed, wear- ing a smile, than you are the best dressed!

Whose style do you like?

I always like Giovanna Battaglia’s style.

How does the young generation dress according to you?

I see that the new generation follows the trends. They are all well-groomed and very chic. I like the fact that they choose what suits them successfully.

Do you give fashion advice to your husband and sons?

My husband usually takes my advice. My sons used to ask for advice, and I would even shop for them but now we don’t live together anymore so they don’t really ask for my advice.

You also are an art afficinado. How does art, influence your life and sense of fashion?

Art is important in our life. My husband Ömer and I have an art collection consisting of works of modern Turkish artists. We used to collect classical pieces from Turkish artists. Our home is decorated in a classical style and we own a lot of antiques, that’s why we keep our modern art collection in our offices.

You created collections for two different brands this season. Was it not difficult for you?

Mirroring my own style through my designs is very important for me. The two brands are clearly aimed at different fashion seg- ments. Every brand has its own DNA. I tend to stay faithful to this DNA and add my own interpretation.

What is your own sense of fashion like?

My fashion sense changes a bit every season with different trends but I can generally describe it as being timeless, sophisticated and modern.

What is your method when interpretating the new fashion trends?

I “mix&match” a lot. I like to mix different textures. İt enables me to be both chic and stand out in a crowd.