The famous actress tells us about Si Eau de Parfüm Intense, the new perfume by Giorgio Armani that she is the face of. Her next project is Cindrella, where she plays the evil stepmother of Cindrella. We will have to wait for spring to see this new adaptation of Cindrella.

As far as these modern fairy-tale adaptations go, the evil queens and stepmothers usually get to have the most fun. Charlize Theron in Snow White and the Huntsman, Angelina Jolie in Maleficent, and Anjelica Huston in Ever After, to name a few… We will be seeing Oscar winning actress Cate Blanchett in two totally different roles this season. She is sweet as can be as the face of Si Eau de Parfüm Intense by Giorgio Armani and cruel as can be as Cindrella’s stepmother in the new movie directed by Kenneth Branagh. Here it from her…

FASHION&TRAVEL Si Eau de Parfüm Intense by Giorgio Armani is the new addition to the Si saga. What does it evoke for you?
CATE BLANCHETT The object itself, the bottle, is purity itself. It pays homage to the natural world, with the organic, stone-like cap, at the same time it is elegant and modern; strong and positive. The perfume is warm, sensual, surprising and fresh. For me, it evokes mystery, luxury and the complexity of being female.

F&T To choose between “Si” and “Si Intense,” is it a matter of opportunity, humour, timing or season? How would you wear them?
CB I adore the way a fragrance lingers on the skin so I would be likely to wear Si Intense during the day and allow it to waft on into the evening, having applied it in hidden places… I love the depth of the chypre notes in Si Intense which is balanced by its warm, almost velvety feminity. Si Intense was a welcome deepening of my initial attraction to Si.

F&T What appealed to you in choosing to represent the Si by Giorgio Armani fragrance?
CB It is an honour indeed to be the face of Si – given how much it encapsulated the hallmarks of the Armani style – powerful, sophisticated, effortless chic – an elegant mix of the masculine and the feminine. When I put Si on in the morning it reminds me of all these things I aspire to be.

F&T Do you identify with the Si woman? How?
CB Ifthe Si woman thirsts for freedom admires courage, strength and vulnerability is drawn to all thing sensual and loves to laugh then yes, I relate absolutely.

F&T Can you tell us a few words about Armani “elegance”?
CB Armani is quintessential^ elegant – at one timeless and modem. Classic lines with unexpected twists. But the sense of elegance in Mr. Armani’s style is effortless and unaffected. Strength and softness, darkness and light are constantly in interplay.

F&T What event in your life did you experience with a particular intensity?
CB The loss of those closest I think is very intense. It’s when one circles the wagons, so to speak, and refocuses on ones nearest and dearest. We have had several of these losses this year.

F&T What does intensity mean for you? Is it passion? The quest for excitement?
CB Intensity for me is at the heart of life. I like being close to the fire, inside things, moving forward. That said one needs moments of calm, but even so I like to know this passionate heartbeat is still there.

F&T Is intensity an emotion or an action?
CB I think intensity begins with a feeling, which is often unformed, and then it galvanizes into action- intensity is by definition full of energy so it has to find its expression.

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F&T When you were about to receive your Oscar, what emotion did you feel? Your first thoughts?
CB When I won the Academy Award this year I don’t think I consciously thought a thing! 1 was all feeling. The award itself was overwhelming but when everyone stood up it was an indescribable joy.

F&T Are you a woman of commitment? Do you have an example to share?
CB I don’t commit to things lightly, as I know the work involved and the time things take . I can’t do things by halves. But yes, when I do commit it is wholeheartedly.

F&T Can you tell us about a memory or an emotion related to a smell?
CB I have strong associations with the smell of cooking – with my grandmother, my mother. Baking bread is one of my all-time favorite smells. It’s full of promise. My mother used to bake and I would find it not only comforting to be around, but cooking meals was a time of chatting and relaxing – they were always happy days.

F&T In your profession or your personal life, do you say “Si” easily?
CB I never say “Si” randomly. Sometimes “Si” is said out of impulse, well-judged I hope-1 hope I have good instincts! But when my “Si” affects the lives of those around me I have to be mindful of their wellbeing and needs. Luckily in my family we love adventure, so on average we do say “Si” more often than “NON”!

F&T What role as an actress or which moment in your life as a woman or mother demanded the greatest efforts?
CB I feel like each role I play demands an effort, the effort of starting again, not knowing how or where to begin. After each role 1 always say ‘That’s it, I’m done now. No more acting.” So each time I have to be seduced back into the profession by the idea of the production; the people, the words, the images, the conversation to be had. If it’s not an effort, if I’m not attempting to go somewhere new then its best I stay happily at home.

F&T An “intense / strong” word you like?
CB There are so many! How about… infatuation? vigour? dynamism?

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F&T What makes you intensely happy?
CB Husband says he makes me intensely happy -1 think he is right. We laugh like drains.

F&T If you had the opportunity to travel back in time, what woman would you have most liked to be? Why?
CB I certainly would have liked to have met Rachel Carson, the American marine biologist whose research and writings in the 1950s, The Silent Spring (1962) in particular, brought environmental concerns to the fore and really galvanized environmental scientists to be vocal about their research into the affect industry is having on the climate.

F&T Is there a woman’s destiny that has particularly impressed you?
CB Louise Bourgeois seems to me to have the most extraordinary destiny – one of the world’s great sculptors she has used the pain other past, and experiences of her own and her mother’s to fuel works of great power and universal resonance.

F&T What is a committed woman today?
CB Sheryl Sandberg talks about women “leaning in” and I think she is onto something. A committed woman today is one who is not apologizing for herself, her choices or her achievements. Being successful, as a CEO, actress, mother or whatever doesn’t mean one is not feminine; fulfillment is surely part of being female.

F&T After Blue Jasmine, you are in Cindrella, as the evil stepmother. Isn’t it quite the oppisite a role?
CB Blue Jasmine was indeed a challenging and fulfilling role to play. Roles like that don’t come along every day, and I certainly wouldn’t be looking to try and repeat it. I’m always drawn to the unexpected, the surprising offers. So it musn’t be a surprise that I decided to become involved in this project.

F&T What, in your opinion, has brought about the biggest change in women’s lives in recent years? What will be the next?
CB I’m sure the internet has to be involved in any changes that have been brought to women’s lives in recent history. For good and ill it has created a series of pathways though which women can network, a skill we naturally have, I think.