Dion Lee An Australian Fashion Designer in Istanbul

Dion Lee An Australian Fashion Designer in Istanbul

The Australian fashion designer Dion wlee, has a lot to say about today’s fashion. We had a chance to chat with him when he was visiting Istanbul.

Is this your first time in Istanbul?

No. I Came here two years ago. It was a trip where I combined business and pleasure. My line was going to be sold at Harvey Nichols in Turkey, that’s why I was in Turkey. I also went to Cappadoccia. It was really amazing.

Why are you in Istanbul this time?

This time it is more for work. I was invited to the Fashion Film festival. I am here for a few days only.

Can you tell us about your brand’s story?

I launched my line straight out of college. It happened suddenly, unexpectedly. My collection I prepared for my graduation, was received very well and people wanted to buy designs from the collection. There was a great press interest. So I started my brand and started selling internationally very quickly. It accelerated and became a serious business.

When did it become an international business for you?

After a few seasons, I participated in the London Fashion Week. But two, three years ago I started selling more in NY. So now I am showing in the New York Fashion Week. And I moved to New York City.

Where did you grow up in Australia?

I grew up in Sydney, Australia. It is a small city compared to European and American cities. The fashion market is much smaller. There is less going on.

Where did you grow up in Australia?

I grew up in Sydney, Australia. It is a small city compared to European and American cities. The fashion market is much smaller. There is less going on.

Do you like living in New York City?

I love the vibrancy of the city, the energy… But I still go back to Sydney quite often. That’s good for me. It is a good balance. Going back and forth between these two cities is good for me.

Do you feel that you are a lucky person?

I feel lucky. I feel a sense of achievement. The next step for me is opening 8 stores in Australia. And I would love to open a flagship store in New York City. I’m looking in to that. It might happen in the near future.

Can you tell us about your winter collection?

My winter collection is about a lot of texture. It is very different then my summer collection. Velvet fabric , patchworking, military elements are seen. Yet is a feminine collection.

What can you tell about your summer 2018 collection?

My summer 2018 collection is a lot lighter. There is masculine tailoring with athletic details. We also do a swimwear collection. So you can call my collections; City and Surf. Sydney and New York. The collections are about balancing the two cities.

What would you be if you didn’t become a fashion designer?

I would like to be a sculpture. I love art and environment and architecture. I like creating new things from different materials. If I were a sculpture, I would use different materials, more industrial materials rather than fabrics. And I would take my time with it. The struggle with being a fashion designer is racing with time. You have time limits. Whereas with art, you can take your time.

Which celebrities prefer your brand?

Award winning actresses such as Kate Blanchett, Charlize Theron and Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevigne, Gigi Hadid… Those are the first names that come to my mind.

What kind of women prefer your brand?

Women who are sofisticated, confident. The type of product I produce, when they wear it, they have a strong sense of who they are. They carry it with confidence.

Are you familiar with any Turkish designers?

Not really. I just met Gökay Gündoğdu when I was here. I don’t really know any other Turkish fashion designers.

What do you think of Turkish women’s ashion sense?

I’ve noticed they wear a lot of black and leather. They are sophisticated but quite restrained. They have a specific style in general, that may be labeled as classic.

Have you dressed celebrities?

I have done celebrity dressing. Especially for some performing artists. Lately we have done costumes for Selena Gomez’s album tour. It’s interesting to do for a fashion designer. You need to create very theatrical costumes for the stage. Both me and Selena Gomez was very satisfied with the costumes I created for her tour.

Will you be able to travel around the country this time?

No, unfortunately not. I will be in the city for 2 more days. But I would love to explore more. Hopefully, I will be able to do so next time.

What are your inspirations for a collection?

I am always inspired by my travels. I travel a lot, and meet new people, see new art… People around the world dress in different ways. That is also an inspirati- on for me.

What is the country that has influenced you the most?

Japan. The design and culture is amazing. It is also a beautiful country.