A Dior Name… Sauvage. This new fragrance for men has been created with the bold approach that has always driven the creation of Dior fragrances. An encounter between the Raw and the Noble.

Sauvage… Is this new perfume for men by Dior a brother to Eau Sauvage? No, it’s not even a cousin. It’s a brand new Sauvage. The next generation of Sauvage that plays with the history of the House. Borrowing from its elder a word with strong resonance at Dior. And a nice dose of citrus, too.

The Reggio Bergamot is like a strong, cool wind. This is the one and only bergamot François Demachy chose and shaped by his own hand. For he likes the top notes of his men’s fragrances to carry the snap of citrus. His is a “savage” Bergamot that prevails in excessive doses. The finest Sichuan Pepper in the world and Pink Pepper release a spicy vibration. Incisive Geranium brings a bracing, green breeze. Generouds Vetiver hits hard with its woody strength. Lavender from the Vaucluse and the Drôme blazes a sunny, aromatic path through the garrigue. The double-distilled Patchouli Fraction provides unity. Stripped of its earthy, campho- ric accents, it takes on a nobler, more modern quality that ties the fragrance together as a whole.

A Sauvage trail is born. Confident and elegant. “The scent of a man.” One that writes itself a new, contemporary destiny. Eau Sauvage is a timeless classic, an undeniable token of good taste. The new Sauvage is immediate and powerful, like a manifesto of freedom.

Sauvage. The Bottle

A Luxurious Object With Round, Sensual Lines That Contrast With The Sexy Virility Of The Name. A bottle with codes of style that clearly speak Dior: A pleated black lacquer cap topped with the CD signature. A sleek design, now part of the Dior heritage, but with a stronger emphasis on luxury. The glass is heavy, dense and dark like the inky night, shading from total opaqueness to smoky trans- parency. A thin layer of silver sprayed on the walls of the bottle creates a subtle mirror effect that is both shiny and transparent.

A Film By Jean-Baptiste Mondino

He digs deep to find his inner animal. Recapture it and lay himself bare. Be one with nature, an appeased ‘Sauvage’, freed from his own chains. The desert is the sign of his new departure. Now he can shine. And Johnny Depp shows us who he is…


Original Soundtrack

The origınal soundtrack is composed by the legendary cooder. The metallic sound of ry cooder’s slide guitar accompanıes Johnny Depp throughout the film. Music like nothing you’ve ever heard before, composed like a signature especially for these images. The music immediately grips each shot, imposing its raging rock ‘n’ roll accords, and then follows Depp on his desert journey to the tribal beat of American Indian drums. With appeasement come the psychedelic riffs that finish in acoustic purity. Bare to the bone.

Ry Cooder is a living legend, considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time. An American musician revered for his slide guitar work and his vast blues and folk repertoire, he began col- laborating on Rolling Stones’ albums in 1969. A tireless traveler, he has explored an impressive number of world music genres, winning the Grammy for Best World Music Album in 1995 for Tal- king Timbuktu composed with Malian musician Ali Farka Touré. In 1996, he also produced the famous Buena Vista Social Club album that brought veteran Cuban musicians into the spotlight. In the 1990s, he composed and produced the music for several remar- kable films such as Paris, Texas by Wim Wenders, which his still legendary to this day.

The Creator, François Demachy

The creator of Dior fragrances, François Demachy chose to revisit the achetypal structure of a fougère and play with its unmistakab- le masculinity, while giving it a noble quality. A contemporary and ‘Diorized’ fougère, composed with ingredients of an extreme and precise quality.

He says, ‘To create SAUVAGE, I used a man as my starting point. A strong and unmistakable masculinity. Like the image of a man who transcends time and fashion. SAUVAGE immediately spoke to me. I had the idea of a clear direction, strong statements. It was a stone in the rough that I chiseled and shaped’

Johnny Depp, Body And Soul

Until now, he has never been the face of a fragrance. Never port- rayed anyone other than the characters that marked his illustrious career. Johnny Depp is now the Dior ‘Sauvage’ man. An incredible osmosis with a project tailor-made for him. A world that fits him perfectly.

Johnny Depp is an extraordinary actor, full of mystery. An idol. A screen legend, one of the few living Hollywood legends of today. We know that he has rock in his soul. But his roles are what best draw the portrait of a gifted actor. Someone tormented, capable of divulgence and obscurity, good humor and excessi- veness, classicism and avant-gardism. From John Waters to Jim Jarmusch, not to mention Kusturica and Terry Gilliam, his career has been a long series of bold choices. Faithful to Tim Burton, his intense and unfathomable characters never cease to amaze.