LOUIS VUITTON “Series 5”, the campaign for the Fall Winter 2016 collection, is a multiple narrative for which Bruce Weber is the pictorial maestro. In a visual symphony, he captures the various characters that designer Nicolas Ghesquière likes to call heroines. A heroine among heroines, actress and singer Selena Gomez does a star turn for this collection.

ftm_2016-3_63-1“I feel strong and confident when I am wearing Louis Vuitton” says Selena Gomez, the 24 year-old actress, singer and now the star of the Famous French fashion house’s Fall Winter 2016 collection. And she looks great in Louis Vuitton, too! The photo with Selena wearing an oversized fur hat and a leather jacket was the first image from the shoot revealed by Nicolas Ghesquiere himself on instagram. The image received rave reviews and made people want to see more. This is Selena’s first advertisement campaign for a fashion giant but it was a step that has been awaited for over a year. Selena has been attending the Louis Vuitton shows in Paris with a front row seat, for the past two years. And she was designer Ghesquiere’s date at the MET Ball this year, which is held at the Metropolitan Museum.

The shoot for this campaign took place in Miami, photographer Bruce Weber’s favorite turf.

“In addition to being an incredible photographer, Bruce Weber is also a true choreographer of images. He knows how to capture the energy of each individual, and his images are always dynamic, almost alive. I love the unusual perspective he brings to such a major star. Selena’s popularity is fascinating; she’s an icon for her generation. And yet, there is a disarming sincerity and a true presence about her, she’s very direct and grounded. She’s spontaneous and always up for discovering new things. Two years ago, she had already approached me in her very simple, easy-going manner and now I’m watching as she changes and grows. For a designer, it’s extremely gratifying to participate in the process as a woman evolves.” Nicolas Ghesquière says about Selena and the shoot. And Selena has nothing else but kind words to say about the designer. “Nicolas knows how to make a woman feel good about herself.” Selena Gomez says. Even though she is more often known as Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, she has had a long carreer, that she started out at the age of seven, as an actress. More recently she has been in the spotlight with her music carreer. Selena Gomez, today is better known as a musician. Gomez today has 72 million followers on social media. She is better known for her Revival album, for which she is now touring.

Selena’s first experience in the fashion world was her own fashion brand, ‘Dream Out Loud’ that she launched in 2010. It was a brand targeting mainly teenage girls who were her fans and she was the face and model of the brand. She kept the brand going for four years. Last year, needing a more grown up look, Selena started working with celebrity stylist Kate Young. People in the fashion world seem to like the transformation. We will definitely be seeing more of Selena Gomez in the fashion world. This project is just a beginning.


Selena Gomez was born in Texas on July 22, 1992. When her mother had her, she was only sixteen years old. Her parents seperated when Selena was 5. The family had financial troubles during Gomez’s childhood, with her mother struggling to provide for the pair. Selena’s mother was a stage artist and Selena began auditioning for various roles at a young age. She was selected to appear on the series “Barney and Friends” and in 2002, with Gomez portraying the character of Gianna. The show was her first experience in acting, and her mother was her first agent. While working on the series, Gomez landed roles in a few movies and with that experience she auditioned for roles under the Disney Channel company. Gomez was given a recurring role on the popular Disney channel series ‘Hannah Montana’in 2007, portraying pop star Mikayla. She later auditioned for a role in the Disney series “Wizards of Waverly Place”, ultimately winning the lead role of Alex Russo. Upon receiving the role, Gomez and her mother moved to Hollywood. The series received numerous nominations and awards. Gomez recorded the theme song for the series, titled “Everything is Not What It Seems.”