How did you start modeling? What do you enjoy in modelling?

My father had a really long career span as a model, so logically we started to embark on jobs together. I really enjoy the sense of being able to play different characters , and to find new expressions in that.


Your dream job as a child?

My uncle and grandfather were firemen and as a kid the idea of going against fire and saving lives really stunned me.


Your first job?

I worked at a garden centre, and my day job would be helping customers carry their plants and soil to their cars or otherwise I was making sure that the display racks were all neat.


What makes you the proudest in your life or career?

Very much just being happy and being able to enjoy small things.


What is your workout routine?

I go on different routines, I either play soccer with my friends or practice core fitness such as squats or death lifts in my friends gym as to sports I am into a lot of different things.


What makes you happy?

There is this cool, small and ecological supermarket around the corner of my house. Though it is kind of silly to admit but whenever I walk there I get really happy. I guess it is just the simplicity of it.


According to you, what is the best compliment a man can get?

Being sure of yourself, but remaining respective to others.


What is modeling really like?

It is great really, you get to travel and see all sorts of new places and meet people you otherwise wouldn’t have met. We’re lucky that way as we in the industry cover the same grounds and boast some similar interests.


What is the best piece of advice you will give to a young model?

It’s very much about expression and being able to imagine a character fit to the clothes you wear. And that just comes with experience, I always strive to not be stuck in one kind of way of living and so my advise would be to experience as many different things as you can which will help you in being a model.


As a model you get a lot of feedback on your body. How do you deal with the comments?

What’s does that say? One ear in, one ear out! Just make sure you live healthy.


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned bodywise?

That your core is more important than exterior features. I am quite tall and used to back pain but ever since I have put more emphasis on my core those pains have all dissolved.


Best advice someone ever gave you when it comes to feeling good about yourself?

Feeling good about yourself, is like a mix of ingredients; my mom has always taught me to put a lot of effort and love in the things you eat, that being growing your own vegetables. Whereas my dad always stressed the importance of sports for mental health. I guess my parents taught me to get satisfaction from making an effort and I think that is a big part of feeling good about yourself.


What is your first olfactory memory?

My father was always driving an old time Mercedes from the 70’s and we would load the car up and drive it way down the South of France for holidays. As the car was really old it would fill up with light smell of gasoline and that smell kind of represented fun and freedom as we were hitting holidays.


What is your definition of masculinity?

Being able to make a cross between masculinity and femininity like Mick Jagger and David Bowie did. That is not caring what someone else might think of you.


How often do you work out?

Like 3 to 4 times a week, average I’d say!


What’s your favorite sport?



How will you describe Jean Paul Gaultier (the brand and the designer) in 3 words?

Fun, diverse and admirable.


How does Jean Paul Gaultier inspire you?

To me Jean Paul Gaultier, represents a kind of freedom, away from the ordinary that some might have to face today. I feel like once you get to those values of freedom you see so much more!


What’s your favorite part about being the international ambassador of Jean Paul Gaultier Parfums?

To unite with more people that think in that diverse and open manner!


What do you like most about Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances?

The storytelling is always mind blowing and fun!


‘I’ve always tried to find in fashion or perfume something that would help women to emancipate and empower themselves, because for me they are the strong sex.’This was said in the 90’s. Is this quote still relevant for you today?

It is for sure, my admiration for women is really big and I think that serving a woman is something very sexy and strong.


The sailor stripe and French ‘marinière’ have served as a graphic signature throughout the designer’s collections. Jean Paul Gaultier’s use of sailor iconography was influenced in part by Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s 1982 film Querelle (based on the Jean Genet novel of the same name), starring Brad Davis as the eponymous lawless but handsome Belgian sailor ‘a fantasy, an icon, a form of virility that could be ambiguous’ for Mr Gaultier. What do you think about this iconic piece of Jean Paul Gaultier designs and its inspiration with the sailor iconography?

Sailors really marvel me, I wonder what it was like to be a shore so little and always on an adventure. The costumes that come along are very important of course cause it is ones recognition to such adventure and I think the Jean Paul Gaultier designs are something very striking and representative to that era!