The hansome model and actor Jason Morgan tell us about himself.

FASHION&TRAVEL When did you first discover Acqua di Giò?
JASON MORGAN I remember seeing the first ads for Acqua di Giò years ago at the mall in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania with my mom when I was a teenager. lt was a really special ad. I wasn’t involved in the industry back then and didn’t pay as much attention to advertising as I do now, but that’s one of the ads I remember. It was, and still is, a scent that I enjoy; it’s so clean and refreshing. The fragrance has such a classic and iconic feel to it.

F&T What comes to mind when you hear the name Giorgio Armani?
JM When I hear the name Giorgio Armani I think of a truly iconic, legendary man who has influenced the world with his style and vision. The brand commands respect.

F&T How does it feel to be the face of Acqua di Giò? How was your experience on set?
JM When I was told that I was chosen for Acqua di Giò it was a dream come true. To represent Armani and this fragrance is the best job someone in this business can get. The ads are always so well done and impactful. I feel extremely proud and grateful to be chosen for this – I still really can’t believe it happened. Modeling underwater was a new experience for me and I had never used a breathing tank before either. It was challenging at times when I had to swim past the camera and perform a certain motion when I couldn’t see anything, but it was a lot of fun to be able to hang out under water for 20 minutes at a time. Overall it has been a great experience.

F&T Is taking care of yourself a pleasure or a duty?
JM Taking care of myself is part of my job so yes, I do see it as my duty. With that being said, I have always taken pleasure in staying fit and healthy. When you look good and feel good, your life is improved and your mood is elevated. Your health is more important than anything. It’s number one.

F&T What are your secrets for staying healthy?
JM I really don’t think there are any hidden secrets for living a healthy lifestyle. We all know that exercise and eating healthy, natural foods and drinking a lot of water are the most important things to do to stay healthy. It’s just a matter of making it a priority and a habit.

F&T What is your workout routine?
JM I try to exercise every day. I also try to mix-up my activities as much as possible – one day it could be weights and the next a boxing class. Changing up your workouts and continuing to challenge yourself is really important. My workouts are usually high repetition where I am constantly moving and my heart rate is always up. Even when I’m strength training, it’s a cardio workout. I have a day for each large muscle group. For example, on days that I train my legs, I do a lot of lounges and squats. On my chest and shoulder workout days I do a lot of push-ups and dips. On days where I train my back and biceps I will do a lot of pull ups and rowing. I will usually do body weight exercises and repetitions until failure. Maybe once or twice a month I will use heavy weights for repetitions of about 10 to shock my muscles. I also start pretty much every workout with about 10-15 core/abdominal exercises. I probably know about 30 different core workout movements that I change up and do depending on the day. I think it’s really important to change your workouts as much as possible. I’m always looking for new ways to challenge myself physically but I am not big on taking classes. I like to be in my own world listening to my music when I’m working out. But I would have to say the two most important workouts I do for my mind and bodies are yoga and running. I’m also a big fan of using saunas and the benefits that come with it, like improving your skin and detoxifying your body.

F&T Do you use any grooming products?
JM Since I did the shoot and the Giorgio Armani team gave me a bottle of Acqua dl Giò, I have been using it every day. I will usually spray a little on my neck after a shower and a spray or two on whatever shirt I am wearing. It’s so light and refreshing, it is perfect for me because I don’t like to smell too strong. I really like the balance of Acqua di Giò. It’s subtler. Otherwise I use Cerave face wash and moisturizer SPF30. In my hair I use a Paul Mitchell shampoo and mousse – it keeps my hair from falling in my face all day but doesn’t make it stiff or greasy. For my skin I use a Kiehl’s facial mask once a week and a Biotherm body moisturizer.

F&T Have you ever used fragrance to attract a woman?
JM I will usually wear scents that I find pleasant, it’s important for me to wear what I like so I feel comfortable. I think when you feel good and you’re comfortable in your own skin you will attract more than trying figure out what you think women want.


F&T What can we find in your closet?
JM I believe that every guy should have at least one tailored suit in his closet. I have an Armani suit for special occasions and I hope to get a few more soon. I would say my style most of the time is pretty casual. I wear a lot of denim jeans and t-shirts. I mix it up with a nice button up shirt or a cashmere sweater when it gets chilly. I would say denim and leather are probably the main style choice for me, and I have a pair of dark boots that I wear regularly. My style is really simple and classic. If I see something I like, I will buy it. I don’t really have any style rules.

F&T What is your first olfactory memory?
JM My first olfactory memory is the smell of the ocean. I always spent my summers at the beach in Avalon, New Jersey as a kid and it’s my favorite place to be. Nothing brings me back to a happy place faster than the smell of the ocean. My father just bought a house there last month so I am really excited about spending time there again in the future.

F&T Who is your Hollywood icon?
JM I don’t really have a Hollywood icon, but I have always admired trend setters like Frank Sinatra, James Dean, and Marlon Brando. Hollywood is still emulating these guys today and it doesn’t seem like that will ever go end. Their style was timeless and iconic.

F&T What/Who is your greatest inspiration?
JM I have so many great and inspiring people in my life. I feel very lucky to have my family so close to me in Philadelphia. I speak and see them regularly and I believe it keeps me grounded and balanced. I have my agent, who has become like family to me here. He has helped me grow more as an individual in the last few years than anyone. The books that I read and people I meet daily also inspire me. I have such an abundant, fulfilling and well-traveled life at the moment, and it’s impossible for me to not be inspired. I really feel like I’m living a dream and I’m so grateful to have these life experiences.

F&T You live in New York City, what are some of your favorite destinations?
JM Living in NYC is really amazing; it has so much to offer. I have been here for over seven years and I still discover new things daily. I really enjoy going to the museums – MOMA, MET, The Guggenheim etc. When it’s nice out it’s also a great place to just hop on a bike and explore. One of my favorite things to do is ride along the West Side Highway and then onto the Williamsburg Bridge to Brooklyn. There are so many great restaurants here. There are great Greek places in Astoria, Queens that l love such as Elias Corner, Stamatis and Taverna Kyclades. Mari Vanna, a Russian restaurant in Manhattan, is another favorite of mine that I frequent. I enjoy going to Broadway shows, I have seen August Osage County, Billy Elliot and Golden Boy to name a few – the next one I want to see is Book of Mormon. I also catch Rangers (hockey) and Knicks (basketball) games at Madison Square Garden. I really try to experience all that this city has to offer. Living here has opened me up to so many new interests and culture and there is so much more to discover. It’s really exciting.

F&T What is your favorite travel destination?
JM I still love getting out of the city and traveling. My favorite place I have ever visited in all my travels is Maui, Hawaii. It’s so different from the life I live here and l’m definitely a beach person.

F&T How about your favorite book?
JM I usually tend to read self-help books and inspiring biographies. The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle) and Law of Attraction (Michael J. Losier) were two life-changing books for me. Open by Andre Agassi, Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis, My Lifeby Bill Clinton and Life by Keith Richards were all inspiring autobiographies. I also read a lot of newspapers and magazines. The New York Times is my favorite newspaper that I read daily. I subscribe to Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Time… I also read Sports illustrated and I have since I was a kid. I get a lot of inspiration from stories of athletes. The magazine has a lot of in depth articles about their struggles and how they have overcome them.

F&T And movie and television show?..
JM I will binge watch a good television show if I get into it. I recently started Game of Thrones and watched all four seasons in a couple of weeks. I love comedies like The Big Lebowski (Coen Brothers, 1998) and gangster movies like Goodfellas (Martin Scorsese, 1990) and The Godfather (Francis Ford Coppola, 1972). Inspiring movies like Rudy (David Anspaugh, 1993) are also some of my favorites.

F&T Do you have a guilty pleasure?
JM A guilty pleasure of mine is definitely ice cream. My favorite brand is Ben and Jerry’s, especially the core flavors, where they put something like fudge or peanut butter in the center.