We learn all about Robert Pattinson and the new Dior Homme campaign

What was the most challenging project you have ever done?

Probably a movie I worked on called The Lighthouse. A very creatively satisfying project but the conditions made it pretty tough. Extreme weather almost every day…


What are your latest projects?

I starred in Christopher Nolan’s new movie Tenet and The Batman.


What have you learnt from the characters you have played? Is there anything you took on?

I think you take on little parts of every character you play. Sometimes in your everyday life and sometimes just in technical terms for the next movie you do. I think I try and choose parts that will force me to explore an area that I’m interested in anyway and so doing the job expands your understanding of yourself.


In what ways did your life change in the last years years and what are you expecting for the following years?

Over the last five years, working with incredible directors has really broadened my expectations of where I would want to go professionally. I think every time you work with someone special, like Claire Denis for instance, you just want to keep having experiences like that.


You seem to be effortlessly camera-ready. Do people often tell you how photogenic you are?

That’s working with really great photographers!


What is a normal day in Robert Pattinson’s life?

There’s never a normal day!


What is your morning routine?

Don’t really have a morning routine but I’m not functioning before I have breakfast and a shower.


Do you practice any sport or go to the gym?

I run and do jiu jitsu.


Who are your music icons today?

D’Angelo and Ohio Players.


What is your vision of the film industry nowadays?

There are always amazing movies at festivals throughout the world. I just wish there was a way to get larger audiences to see these smaller movies. But seeing more and more festivals popping up internationally with increasingly large audiences always makes me happy.


Could you tell us more about your passions? What do you fight for in life?

To not be forced into thinking in a prescribed way in the confusing world we live in.


What drives you to wake up every morning?

Not having enough time to do what I want to do.


What do you like most about this new Dior Homme campaign?

It’s always a fantastic experience shooting these advertisements. I’d always loved the Blaze videos, and it was fascinating to see how they create such a vibrant and kinetic energy in their work.


To what extent does it differ from the previous Dior Homme communications?

I think it may be a bit more emotional than the previous one. Still very cool but it feels slightly more mature.


The claim of the new campaign is “I’m your man”. What does it stand for? Does it mean anything personal/particular for you?

I’ve always loved Leonard Cohen and the song is so beautiful, so I think that comes to mind first. Leonard Cohen is my man.


What image of masculinity would you like to put forward through this campaign?

That you should be as free as you want to be.


How close do you feel to the man on camera?

To some extent quite similar because I felt very comfortable with the people involved in making it. I always feel I have to leap a little way out of myself to do any kind of performance though.


How was it to shoot with Guillaume and Jonathan Alric, also known as The Blaze? Could you tell us more about the creative relationship that you shared?

They’re awesome. I met them in Cannes in 2017. Always thought their videos showed exciting potential. I think they could make a great feature film one day. They’re incredibly fun to work with. Having them demonstrating dance moves in the club scene was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen directors do. We talked about the concept a few times in London before we shot but really it was so organized by the time I arrived in New York, I felt comfortable just jumping right in.