“Perfume Has Been a Family Business for Me” SERGIO MOMO

“Perfume Has Been a Family Business for Me” SERGIO MOMO


To be in the niche market for us means working with nature and high grade of creativity. Not compromise anything in terms of quality and in terms of sustainability, as far as nature is concerned.

Since launching your perfume house Xerjoff in 2003, what has changed?

Quite a lot I would say. Xerjoff did receive almost an immediate positive answer from the markets and busy and exciting times have never stopped since. Our philosophy is based on quality, creativity and Italian craftmanship. At Xerjoff we just never stopped to believe in what we have created and kept going through good times and difficult times…

How do you follow the trends in the perfume industry and put into practice?

I believe ‘niche’ should not follow trends, since Niche is the result of an artistic inspiration of one or a few individuals and not a result of traditional marketing studies. Niche perfumery is aimed at customers which are searching for high quality and distinction in one of the most important of the five senses.

What do you think about your Turkish customers?

Turkey has got a very long history and important cultural background that we ali know. The exceptional gate between Europe and Asia is unique in the vvorld. For us, this is very important. Markets rich in culture and history always undestand and support the Xerjoff brand. 1 think the customer expectations in Turkey have no compromises in terms of quality. Because of this, it is very important for Xerjoff to be represented by dedicated retailers vvhich can introduce and support the philosophy of our brand.

Your perfume bottles are as powerful as their scents. What is your source of inspiration, what makes you different than others?

The ı8th century perfumes are always being conceived as works of art, from the juice to the flacon and presentations. Only the modern commercial perfumery has lost this imprinting vvhich niche has brought it back. For me perfume is a multisensory universe, in Xerjoff vve have decided to bring forward this principles.

What is the place of scents in your life?

Perfumery has been a ‘family passion’ since I can remember, my grandmother and both my parents were perfume collectors, so I can say I grevv up with this passion around me.

Which kind of scents do you prefer ?

For sure Vanilla and Orris are among the ones I treasure the most; Neroli represents for me our Mediterranean roots, İris is for me one of the best representation of refined luxury in perfumery, ali from natural extract of course.

A customer buys Xerjoff, because…

Because each our collection represents an artistic direction with no compromise in terms of quality and selection of natural ingredients, ali blended with traditional and modern distillation techniques, ali presented in a cultural contest of design and history. Not just a perfume but a travel in a multi sensorial experience is the message I always try to get across.