The First Turkish Supermodel “Öykü Baştaş”

The First Turkish Supermodel “Öykü Baştaş”

We are talking about a supermodel here… She has an unusual charm. Even though the Turks are still debating if she is pretty or not, she has walked the walk for many international fashion brands already!

She was first discovered with the picture she posted on social media. Afterwards she became the first Turkish model ever to be in a Gucci fashion show in Milan Fashion Week. And then the whole world heard about her. One fashion show after another followed.

There is a lot to say about Öykü Baştaş. First of ali, let’s start by reminding all that she was not a Turkish model living abroad but that she was discovered when living and modeling in İstanbul when she was discovered by international modeling agencies.

She is 19 years-old and is studying at Bilgi University in İstanbul to become an architect. Another interesting detail about her life is that she is a triplet.

Ok, let’s rewind and startfrom the beginning. Here is how her story begins. IMG Modeling Agency from New York launches a campaign called, “We Love Your Genes”. Öykü posts a picture and is invited to New York for an audition. She meets up with other modeling agencies while she is in town and ends up signing up with Ford Models, which she stili works with today.

The fashion shows she appears in during the Spring-Summer 2018 fashion weeks are Gucci, MSGM and Acne Studios. Her dream is to walk the catwalk for Givenchy. She dreams of herself in Paris of the 1960’s weaing the creations of Hubert de Givenchy.


Öykü Baştaş, continues to be different, a model that doesn’t fit into the normal model appearance. And more and more people seem to be appreciating her looks by the day. Lately she has been travelling to and from New York, Paris and Milan to appear in the fashion week shows.

She stills lives with herfamiliy, when she is back home in İstanbul. She stili attends classes at college, she enjoys horseback riding, has four cats and a dog and surprises us with her smart and witty answers when interviewed. We must be hearing a lot more about her in the future. Yet more is to come!