The Private Perfume – Carolina Herrera de Baez

The Private Perfume – Carolina Herrera de Baez

The heirres of the Carolina Herrera fashion and perfume house tells us about their brand new perfume; CR Privee.

As the Creative force behind CH Privee, how would you describe this new fragrance? Is there anything that you particularly love in it?

I adore the way this fragrance portraits power underlined by femininity. CH Privee is a celebration of the enigma of womanhood, an affirmation that emanates from the quiet instants of shared intimacy when love gets perpetuated.

Can you tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind your new fragrance, CH Privee?

CH Privee is a fragrance built on stolen moments that celebrates and craves shared privacy. Attraction is primarily a question of chemistry, and the smell of the other person plays a big part, as does their fragrance, and this is what I had in mind when creating CH Privee.

Let’s talk about the development of the fragrance. Would you be able to describe your creative process for CH Privee?

For me, the creative process went hand in hand with the work of the perfumer. When we started developing CH Privee, we didn’t know what the result would be. Even though the fact that we wanted to work around the leather accord in CH Privee is evident, you don’t smell just leather; the final result is the interpretation of an ultra feminine made-to-measure red leather accord under the CH Carolina Herrera prism.

How and when did you decide on collaborating with Dominique Ropion for this perfume?

Dominique Ropion is one of the most accomplished perfumers in the contemporary fragrance industry. To create a great fragrance such as CH Privee, you need more than impeccable ingredients; you need experience, knowledge, and endless inspiration, and he has all that.

The campaign for this fragrance features a couple sharing private moments. Why is privacy so important for you?

Privacy helps individuals maintain their independence and uniqueness. All of us need moments of solitude to escape to, places where we are free of the gaze of others to relax and feel at ease. It can be a heavy burden if we constantly have to wonder how everything we do would be regarded by others; thus with CH Privee, we wanted to build a passage to privacy.

Do you think the concept of privacy has evolved over time?

It is impossible to deny that the internet has radically changed the concept of privacy. We’re sharing more information than ever before, and at the same time, we’re becoming more cautious with our private space. Privacy has evolved tremendously during the last decade and will keep changing forms in the future; the greatest challenge is to determine ways to keep our intimacy and to celebrate our private moments.

When crafting CH Privee, did you ever think of the privacy the finished product will share with the wearer?

The intimacy a perfume offers to the wearer, it’s just amazing. We spray a fragrance for ourselves but end up sharing it with those around us, so a scent acts as a form of expression. I take tremendous comfort in the idea of the happiness and complicity it provokes.

How does the unique flavor of CH Privee come through?

CH Privee is a call out to every woman who dares to live her life to the fullest. Both sensual and elegant, CH Privee is instinctively seductive, a fragrance that enhances femininity at its most powerful.

In which of the facets of CH Privee do you see yourself?

I would say in the ability to separate what is public from what is personal. CH Privee is a fragrance for a woman who lives a full life and knows how to combine her social and personal life perfectly, and I see myself reflected on that woman every single day.

Where do you see House of Herrera and CH Privee intersecting?

CH Privee is a fragrance that captures the spirit of couture so masterfully that a unique dress was tailored to celebrate it. Carolina Herrera New York crafted a fantastic red silk dress worn by the fabulous Lily Aldridge for the campaign of CH Privee. Besides, this magnificent perfume has the art of craftsmanship inherent of haute-couture embedded in its formula.

Why is the red color so important for House of Herrera?

For us, the color red communicates tradition, quality, and gravitas. In Carolina Herrera, red is always set against white, black, and gold representing sophistication and perfection. Red is the color of passion, and the women who opt for it, know it’s bold and highly visible. Like them, we are not afraid to show our femininity and stand out for our know-how and values.

What brings an eau de parfum such as CH Privee to Carolina Herrera Fragrances?

As any other eau de parfum, CH Privee contains the highest concentration of aroma compounds which come from ingredients of the highest quality. This fragrance brings to CH Carolina Herrera not only a fantastic aura but also a great balance between what is provocatively mysterious and classically elegant. CH Privee in its sophistication and comfort is an eau de parfum with haute couture attention to detail.