Diorshow Mascara is reinvented with a lash extension volume effect.

Since the Diorshow saga first started in 2002, the Dior laborato- ries have taken inspiration from the backstage tools and tech- niques of expert make-up artists, adapting them to products with spectacular professional results that every woman can use. In 2015, Dior reinvents Diorshow to enrich it with a brand new volume inspired by backstage make-up artistry: lash extension volume effect.

The new Diorshow formula optically reproduces the effect of added lashes that backstage make-up professionals use. Enric- hed with ‘microfibres’ of average size and a full, curved shape, it fits between the lashes to make the fringe naturally denser.

To optimise application of the mascara and offer lash care action for the best make-up result, the Diorshow formula has been enriched with a protective ingredient: Sericin. Sericin is an isolated silk protein that works as a veritable conditioner for lashes. As soon as the mascara is applied, Sericin helps to form a ’protective film’ on the lash, aiding smoothness and helping to ensure the mascara goes on evenly all along the lash. Stroke after stroke, its lash-care action helps to smooth the lashes for more spectacular coating, covering and volume.

A formula that dries out over time is the main cause for women’s dissatisfaction with their mascara: Dior therefore proposes a revolutionary packaging that can keep the formula fresh.

To remedy this problem, Dior innovates with a new packa- ging system: ‘The exclusive air lock system’, a patented wiper with a longer and wider skirt and topped with a valve.



Before Diorshow, make-up artists could only obtain spectacular volume thanks to a toothbrush. Inspired by this tip from experts, the Diorshow brush has become an EXPERT TOOL and a best friend to millions of women. When launched, its XXL proportions created a veritable bombshell in the academic landscape of make-up; since then its performances have never wavered. Its round, generous, oversize shape is a miracle-maker. The zigzag movements it makes provide instant make-up that can be modulated at will, from natural to spectacular. Combined with a formula enriched in microfibres, today the legendary Diorshow brush reveals its new powers.