The World Of Zendaya

The World Of Zendaya

Model, musician and actress Zendaya, was in the latest Superman movie. This fall her HBO series Euphoria is debuting. The new ambassador of Lancome, tells us about her experience with perfume and why she chose to work with Lancome.


What does the brand Lancome mean to you. What does it stand for?

Diversity, for one thing. They’ve always had a wide range of foundation shades for women of all different skin tones. It was really important to me to align myself with a brand that was already doing that. I didn’t want to have to get there and be like, ‘Um, excuse me, but I think you need to do this.’

The brand also has a charitable component that is meaningful, too. It’s woven into the fabric of the company. The brand’s Write Her Future initiative is one I fully support, because there’s nothing more powerful than education. I have two parents who are teachers, so education has always been huge in my household. It’s the gift that no one can take away, but it’s also something that a lot of us can take for granted. We’re so used to having to go to school that we can forget that so many people don’t get the opportunity to do that at all.


Do you have a personal mantra?

I don’t know if I have a specific personal mantra, but I do think it’s important to live with a sense of gratitude and appreciativeness. You can’t ever have more if you don’t appreciate what you have. I always try to, at least every day or every night, list the things that I am thankful for and take a moment to appreciate those things. That act helps put everything into perspective.


What do acting and fashion have in common? Do you prefer one to the other?

Fashion, for me, is acting in that whenever I get dressed, I take on a different character, whether it’s going to the Met Ball as Joan of Arc or just exploring a different facet of who I am to go out with friends. Both are forms of expression. It’s still me, just another side of me.


How do you choose your acting roles? What do you look for?

There’s nothing specific. I just know I have to feel passionate about it. A potential role has to land with me and feel good all the way through, inspire me, enhance me, and push me a little outside of my comfort zone. If I don’t feel a little uncomfortable, if I don’t feel like I’m challenging myself, then it’s not worth it. I want to push myself beyond my limits.


Any other projects you’re excited about?

I’m definitely excited about Euphoria, which is a TV series coming out on HBO. That’s going to be a big change and a big step in my career.


Are there elements of other Lancome ambassadors’ personal styles that you especially appreciate?

I love that all the ladies, whether they’ve been in Hollywood forever or not, have their own personal styles. Like Julia Roberts and her Golden Globes suit moment. Or Lupita and that gorgeous blue Oscar dress. Everybody has their moments of really shining.


What do you like most about the Lancome fragrance that you’re the face of? What does it smell like to you?

I like the fact that it’s fresh and it’s light. I have trouble wearing perfumes that are heavy or too strong. I like something that will last throughout the day, but which also feels fresh. And this fragrance smells fresh and clean and bright. I’m very particular about my smells. I have certain sprays in my house and certain essential oils that I like. So if this passes my test, then it must be good!


What’s your earliest memory of fragrance—yours or someone else’s?

My grandma has smelled the same my whole life. And I don’t know what specifically the perfume is, but I can tell that smell anywhere. If someone has it on, I’d think of my grandma instantly.