Fashion designer Tara Jarmon talks about her day at work, as well as her hobbies and her passion to travel.

FASHION&TRAVEL IYou are a fashion designer born in Canada, raised in the US and you have lived in Paris since your university years. How do you think this affected your creativity and your designing carreer?
TARA JARMON I think that growing up in the end of the 60’s and 70’s is what really formed my aesthetic. I remember the styles that my mother use to wear when I was young. It was such an exciting time in fashion. The colours and the styles were bright, alive, ever so modern. I spent hours in my university library reading foreign fashion magazines. I was obsessed with the icons of this period from Sophia Loren to Twiggy, Jacqueline Bisset, Grace Kelly, Jackie O. I was their fan.

F&T How would you describe yourself?
TJ I am a curious, stubborn, fun loving, open minded, happy person.

F&T Are you more of a morning person or an afternoon or night person?
TJ I am totally a morning person and have been since I was a child. I love to get up early when everyone else is still sleeping. I feel like I am getting a head start on the world.


F&T What time do you wake up?
TJ On week days at 6:30 AM.

F&T What do you do first thing in the morning?
TJ First thing, I go downstairs to my kitchen and make a pot of coffee. While waiting for the coffee I listen to the news on the radio. I love the radio, especially the morning programs. I have my favourite shows that I listen to religiously.

F&T What do you have for breakfast?
TJ My breakfast routine varies. I eat the same thing for a few months and then change to something else. Presently, I eat two pouched eggs and avocado for breakfast. I am trying to eat more protein and less gluten and consume as much omega 3 as possible.

F&T What time do you go to your studio?
TJ I leave my house at 8:20 AM.

F&T Do you have a daily work-out routine?
TJ Yes, I am fortunate as I like sports. I play tennis at least three times a week and I also do pilates three times a week. I am currently learning yoga as my daughter loves yoga and it’s fun to practice it together. I am still a beginner but am determined to improve.

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F&T What time/where do you have lunch?
TJ My daughter is now working with me so I love to have lunch with her. Not very far from our studio there is a small restaurant called “Bob’s Juice Bar”. They have fantastic cold press juice and terrific salads. They also have the best chocolate chip cookies. They are simply put; to die for!

F&T How much of your work day do you spend creating/designing?
TJ I feel as if I am constantly creating. My mind is always in full motion. But on the average I spend 50 percent of my day working on designing. The rest of my time is spent working on other aspects of my business such as new product development, marketing, promotion and administrative tasks.

F&T What helps you with your creative process?
TJ Working as a team. This is truly what I love about my job. Working with others, exchanging ideas. I love being with others.

F&T Do you have your favorites; like your favorite fabric or color?
TJ Of course I have personal preferences such as the colour purple but I must say that my taste has evolved over the years. I am inspired by colour and fabrics which stand out and that are truly out of the ordinary.

F&T Until what time do you work?
TJ As I mentioned earlier I am a morning person so unless I am working as a team I tend to start tiring around 7:00 PM.

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F&T How do you pass your time at home in the evening/weekends? Do you have any hobbies?
TJ Tennis is my year round hobby. Every Saturday and Sunday I am on the tennis court. In the evenings I love going to the theatre or cinema. In the week I do not do very much. I rarely go out on week nights unless it is with clients or for another work related event.


F&T How often do you travel and where do you go?
TJ I am fortunate that I travel regularly for work purposes. We have Tara Jarmon shops throughout Europe so I am constantly on the move to visit our shops. Madrid and London are very close trips from Paris yet the scenery and culture is completely different. I find these short trips very inspiring. I just returned from two weeks in New York, where I was conducting market research. The United States is always an exciting trip to make. Everything is new and constantly on the move. Other than traveling for business, I have a long summer holiday which I regularly spend in the South of France. And every few years I take a real discovery vacation to some far away destination.

F&T What is the most amazing place you have been to?
TJ I find India really amazing. The people are so friendly, the colours , smells are like no place else that I have ever been to.

F&T Do you make use of what you see during your travels in your work/designs?
TJ Totally. We can all learn and aspire from new sights and cultures.

F&T What is your favorite trend for the season?
TJ I am excited about the new lengths. In this collection you will discover longer lengths.

F&T What are your future plans for the Tara Jarmon brand?
TJ I am working hard on my accessory lines; shoes, hand bags and jewelry.

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