Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron, who was raised by a single mother in South Africa, is the brand ambassador of Dior Beauty, but she continues to touch the lives of women and children in need through the foundation she established. Charlize Theron, who appeared in the advertising campaign of Dior J’Adore L’Or perfume tells us about herself.

You have a foundation (Charlize Theron African Out Post) that helps women and girls based in South Africa, where you were born and raised. Do you think the reason you turned to charity work is because you are a mother and you want a better world for your children?

It definitely has a role… I want to give my children the best life they can have. But I also know that change is urgently needed. There are situations and crises happening now and they don’t just affect my children. Most importantly, I tell them that we should always look out for each other because that is what being human requires.

What inspires you?

People who don’t regret what they did or who they are.

How did you become an actor?

I actually wanted to be a ballerina, but when I got injured, I discovered that acting has parallels with ballet, which I love very much. My mother also encouraged me to try it.

What makes you happiest?

My children and family.

Do you have a relaxation secret? Or any hobbies?

Sometimes I do color in colors. I can say that it is a great therapy!

What makes you most proud?

My two children.

You have achieved great success, you have starred in many films, you are an Oscar winner. And you have received other awards… Are there any other things you want to achieve or dream of doing?

There are endless things I dream of and want to try… I don’t have a to-do list that I have to follow, but I try to keep myself open to all the possibilities knocking on my door!

What is your most unforgettable Dior Beauty moment?

I’ve had many wonderful experiences with Dior over the years, but I can say that one of my best memories is working with the famous photographer Peter Lindbergh, who passed away a few years ago. He was a true gentleman and a great professional. We had a lot of fun shooting the Dior campaign. I still remember our laughter on the set, that creative synergy, with a smile. I am grateful for the time we spent together through this collaboration. Another beautiful memory of mine is Dior’s collaboration with my CTAOP (Charlize Theron African Out Post) foundation for the ‘Chin Up’ campaign… Listening to the stories of those amazing women that Dior brought together and seeing them all around the world, on very different paths of life than being the face of the screen. It was extremely inspiring to hear the voices of women moving forward.

What inspires the Dior brand the most and how does this reflect on your love of perfume, your health and beauty?

Dior is a brand that is committed to empowering women as well as making them feel beautiful and confident every day through its products and social initiatives, and this inspires me. I love being at peace with the way I look, smell and feel, and knowing that Dior is by my side like a comrade in arms who helps me achieve this every time.

Can you name a few of your common values with the brand?

Dior has always been committed to empowering women and inspiring them to gain self-confidence and loving themselves as they are. These are values that I try to carry with me every day to empower not only myself, but all the women in my life.

What are your favorite Dior beauty products?

Of course I love my J’adore perfume. I added Prestige la Crème Haute Réparation to my skin care routine and I love the way it feels on my skin. The product I always carry with me when I go out is my Rouge Dior Forever lipstick. I love my red lips!

Flowers are the heart of Dior perfumes. How is your relationship with flowers?

I have always loved flowers, everyone who comes to my house knows this very well! I never miss fresh flowers, and I have a vibrant and colorful garden. It makes me very happy, I love gifting flowers to my friends and family on special occasions.

Has your role as Dior ambassador affected your personal development and your work as a world-famous actor?

Working with Dior definitely broadened my horizons and opened unexpected doors for me. Thanks to this association, I have experienced wonderful things. The people I met along the way not only enriched my personal life, but I also formed deep professional and creative relationships with them that have lasted over 15 years. I had the opportunity to work with the best directors, photographers and designers. These people and what they taught me have a profound impact on my acting.

What is the place of perfume in your daily life and do you have a certain way of using perfume?

I wear perfume almost every day… First on my wrists, then on my neck!

What kind of relationship do you have with perfume? How did this relationship get to where it is, what stages did it go through?

Entering a place knowing that it smells good increases your self-confidence considerably. It’s always nice when someone compliments your scent. Over the years I have come to realize that smell is the sense most directly linked to memory. I think it is extremely important for the first impression.

What is the oldest smell you remember?

The oldest smell I remember is my mother’s smell… It never left my nose, when I was a child I always wanted to smell as good as her!