Yogamaster, surfer, traveller Alexis de Brosses, who has taken over the cosmetic brand Talika from his mother’s friend in 1994, is always in search of new inspirations. De Brosses explains that every Talika product is derived from the encounters between man and nature.

FASHION&TRAVEL Can you tell us about the philosophy of your brand Talika?
ALEXIS DE BROSSES Talika has always been drawing on natural treasures to develop unique and innovative skincare products. We have set ourselves the task of passing on the life message of Nature through our products, which carry an infinite flow of vital energy. Our aim is to provide women and men with the greatest gifts that Nature has in store, and to help everybody reveal his or her natural beauty, at every stage of life.

F&T When and how was the brand born?
AB It all started in 1948. Danielle Roches, a young doctor in opthalmology, formulated a cream based on plants with healing properties to treat the eyes of war casualties. To her astonishment, the cream had a surprising side effect: it significantly stimulated her patients’ eyelash and eyebrow growth. This great discovery was the origin of the now legendary Lipocils, the first treatment that stimulates lash growth. Lipocils is behind the success of the Talika house with millions of loyal followers throughout the world.

F&T How did you come to work with and purchase the brand?
AB After Danielle Roches discovers the first cream for lash growth, Talika became a widely shared beauty secret amongst celebrities and cosmetic addicts. In 1994, I took the torch from her and launched Lipocils. I loved the philosophy of the brand and wanted it to carry on its mission. You know, all Talika products are inspired by natural biological mechanisms, respectful of physiological balances that are essential for healthy skin. The products are powerful concentrates of natural active ingredients which boost original cellular functions. Every product in itself is a small revolution and an obvious solution to your cosmetic needs.

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F&T What does Talika mean? In one of your interviews you said that she was an Egyptian Queen…
AB More than anything, Talika is a language of life. It has an inner signification, which is letting the positive energy of life flow through you and your cells, and expressing this energy through your own beauty.

F&T What are you inspired from when creating a new product?
AB I am a perpetual explorer, always in search for new inspirations. I like to think that all great discoveries are made by men whose feelings run ahead of their thinking. Whether it involves a technique of Ayurvedic medicine, a NASA study on light radiation, an ancient Chinese remedy or a unique cosmetic treatment, I always try to think about how to use the vital energy of these discoveries and on how to bring its benefits to your skin. This is why every Talika skincare product has its own history and is inspired by an encounter between Man and Nature.

F&T I know that you love travelling.. Can you also tell us about your travels?
AB Life is the art of discovery. Traveling is a way of keeping your eyes and heart open to others, and especially to the different expressions of life through people and nature. Talika is bringing together the discoveries made during those explorations.

F&T What are the places that impressed you most?
AB I am particularly sensitive to places where people smile and live harmoniously with nature and with their relatives.

F&T Can you also tell us about yourself? You are a sailor, yogamaster, a nature lover… What are your hobies and how do you prefer to live your life?
AB Surfing and yoga are for me ways to open up your soul to the pulse of life. I wish to live my life listening to this pulse and following my inner magnetic north, always being aligned to it. Living like this will help you find your own way to integrity and truth. Your inner compass is simple: the more you become yourself the happier you are.

F&T Can you give examples of your products?
AB All of Talika’s products are inspired by natural biological mechanisms, respectful of physiological balances that are essential for healthy skin. The products are powerful concentrates of natural active ingredients which boost original cellular functions. Every product in itself is a small revolution and an obvious solution to your cosmetic needs.

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F&T Do you use any of your products yourself? Would you recommend your products to men also?
AB Talika products are expressions of life. Every single product is a secret shared with my cells. I am always happy to receive these messages. I use Light Quintessence Serum, Eye Detox, Vital Oil and Bio Enzyme Maks among many other Talika products.

F&T What are your plans for Talika’s future? Do you have any new ideas for beauty products?
AB We are constantly working on new, targeted and specific solutions that better fulfill women’s aspirations for beauty. There are many more exciting products to come!

F&T Do you have any skin care suggestions for women, other than using your products?
AB Breathe deeply. Be happy.