The famous British shoes and accessories designer tells us about her daily routine and her summer and winter collections.
Leyla Melek

SOPHIA WEBSTER I was studying for my foundation in art at Camberwell College where we were drawing still life and I found that I loved drawing shoes more than anything else. I kept drawing shoes every day after that and enrolled in the BA Footwear Design course at Cordwainers College.

F&T How many shoes do you have of your own and where do you keep them?
SW I’ve lost count at this point! I have a whole room at home just for my shoes.

F&T Are you more of a morning person or an afternoon or night person?
SW Evening.


F&T What time do you wake up?
SW I wake up early when my 8 month old daughter Bibi Blossom does.

F&T What do you do first thing in the morning?
SW I get up and get Bibi ready for the day.

F&T What do you have for breakfast?
SW I usually eat some fruit and have a cup of tea.

F&T What time do you go to office?
SW I drive over to the office arriving at 10 am.

F&T Do you have a daily work-out routine?
SW Running around the studio all day is a full time work-out!



F&T What time/where do you have lunch?
SW I usually run out and grab some sushi or a sandwich to eat in the studio.

F&T What is the most important thing you have learned from Nicholas Kirkwood, who you worked for before?
SW I learnt so much from Nicholas and his business partner Christopher Suarez about the business of fashion, things you don’t even think about when you’re studying to become a designer like finding the right factory to product your shoes.

F&T Do you have your favorites; like your favorite color?
SW Pink is my favourite colour, that’s why I am obsessed with flamingos. They have always been my favourite animal.

F&T You recently launched a bridal collection. Can you tell us about it?
SW My friends kept asking me to design bespoke styles for their weddings and I thought I should launch something that all women could wear. The line is a selection of key styles from my main collection which I have reimagined in nuptial appropriate colours and fabrics of soft ivory and ice blue.

F&T Until what time do you work?
SW I usually try to leave the office at 6pm unless I am on deadline for a new collection or London Fashion Week.


F&T How do you pass your time at home in the evening/weekends? Do you have any hobbies?
SW I spend time with my family and friends and I love dancing.


F&T How often do you travel and where to?
SW I travel a lot for work. All of my shoes are produced in a factory in Brazil so I try to go there at least 4 times a year to check on production.

F&T What is the most amazing place you have been to?
SW I went to Negril, Jamaica for my honeymoon which is heaven on Earth.

F&T Do you make use of what you see during your travels in your work/designs?
SW Yes of course! Brazil is so beautiful and colourful, I love travelling
there and getting inspired.

F&T Can you tell us about your spring/summer 2015 collection?
SW My Spring/Summer 2015 collection is called ‘Jungle is Massive’. It was inspired by Henri Rousseau’s jungle scenes, mixed with the jungle rave scene of the 1990s.

F&T What is your favorite accessories trend for the season?
SW For Spring/Summer 2015, I am really drawn to mules. I reimagined my signature Riko shoe as a mule this season, it feels really fresh and modern.

F&T What will we see in your fall 2015 footwear collection?
SW My Autumn/Winter 2015 collection is called ‘Freak Like Me’. It was inspired by warped optic prints by artist Victor Vasarely, and traditional circus elements such as ringmasters and showgirls.


I’m having a lot of fun expanding my existing lines, I’ve just launched my bridal range and expanded my Mini line to include baby shoes for Autumn/Winter.